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At Everything Freight Solutions, our goal is to streamline and simplify the freight forwarding process wherever we can. From point A to point B and along the country’s most busy and used networks. We want to put shippers in touch with transport that is both dependable and cost-effective.

Services we offer


Need someone professional to connect you with your carrier partner? Not a problem. Thanks to our industrial connections, we will get the job done as per your instructions.


Nothing is too big or too dangerous for our professional, trained, and proven freight pilots. You give us a job to do, and we will see it through and complete it following every safety guideline.

Box Trucks

Are you moving to a new place? Or do you need some business equipment safely delivered to your other company branch? If so, then our box trucks are the right choice for the task.

Oversize freight

Our skilled drivers are aware of the crucial conditions needed for the safe and secure transportation of big cargo. To guarantee that loads arrive safely and securely, chains, straps, dunnage, and tarps are included with every flatbed trailer.

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Everything Freight Solutions is a woman-owned business that focuses on ensuring that the clients receive the best freight experience in the market. Chastity Clay decided to start Everything Freight Solutions, a freight agency and transportation provider, after realizing the challenges that motor carriers and shippers face and the fact none of them can find a reliable long-term partner for their operations. Her goal is to offer solutions to shippers who are having trouble locating and maintaining transportation services. To ensure client satisfaction and regular improvements, we conduct interviews with our customers in order to determine how well our services are performing. We also use this to compare ourselves to competitors and make sure that we are providing a better overall experience for our valuable customers. Our primary concerns are convenience, dependability, and affordability, and we will never compromise it for anything.

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